Fascinating new maps                                                     

Karttaikkuna, Mapline Ltd. referring to the new tools of visualization and digital production technologies in cartography and Mapline easy-to-use GIS solutions . We provide our customers with state-of-the-art mapping solutions.

Want to flash out your maps to the Internet?

We produce animated maps with Java-based web solutions or mobil maps. Prices quoted in EURO or USD. Superb quality and fast delivery. Please contact us to learn more about this marvellous opportunity!!!

Map Window to the World

Mapline provides cartography for you media: on screen, in print or for posters -- or all of them plus the World Wide Web! With us you have got the opportunity to use all European languages; special character sets including cyrillic are supported.

Mapline Ltd. - Map Window to Finland!

Conducting business in Finland?

Map your business activities, interests and/or customers in Finland with Mapline. We provide high quality business maps to show you your locations and present in the same document your products and services. Whether it is for marketing or internal use in the company, a customized company map is a good alternative for orientation!!

We also deliver maps in all common digital formats for fine-tuning before publication: Macromedia Freehand, Adobe Illustrator etc. In this way you can be assured that cartographics will fit to your graphics!

When you are ready to go one step further, we will select and provide you with National Land Survey (Maanmittauslaitos) GIS data for your system. We also compile and customize datasets for special  needs of the customer.

Please contact our sales for further information.

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